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M.Sc. (Computer Science)

Seats Available

Name of Programme Intake Capacity
M.Sc. I (Computer Science) 20 + (Seats can be increased with the permission of SGB Amravati, University, Amravati, if required)
M.Sc. I (Computer Science) 20

For Post-graduate courses leading to a Masters degree in Computer Science the following combination of subjects are offered.

M.Sc. I
Semester I (CBCS) Semester II (CBCS)
Code Subject Code Subject
2881 1MCS1 Digital System & Microprocessor 2891 2MCS1 Java Programming
2882 1MCS2 .Net Technologies & C # 2892 2MCS2 Data Structures
2883 1MCS3 Operating System 2893 2MCS3 Software Engineering
2884 1MCS4 Computer Networks 2894-95 2MCS4 1)Discrete Math.2) Compiler Construction
3001 1MCS5 Lab I (Based On 1MCS1 & 1MCS3) 3003 2MCS5 Lab III (Based On 2MCS1)
3002 1MCS6 Lab II (Based On 1MCS2) 3004 2MCS6 Lab IV (Based On 2MCS2 & 2MCS )
M.Sc. II
Semester III (CBCS) Semester IV (CBCS)
Code Subject Code Subject
2901 3MCS1 Data Mining & Data Warehousing 2911 4MCS1 Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems
2902 3MCS2 Computer Graphics 2912 4MCS2 Design & Analysis of Algorithms
2903 3MCS3 Client Server Computing 2913 4MCS3 Network Security
2904-05 3MCS4 1)Distri.DB System2)Theory of Computation 2914-15-16 4MCS4 1) Mob.Com 2) Digi.Image Pro.3) SF.Testing
3005 3MCS5 Lab V (Based On 3MCS1 & 3MCS2) 3007 4MCS5 Lab VII (Based On 4MCS1 & 4MCS2)
3006 3MCS6 Lab VI (Based On 3MCS3) 3008 4MCS6 Project

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