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Enhancement Schemes

Capability Enhancement and Development Schemes

With an endeavor to empower the students to become assets to the organizations and contribute meaningfully to the entire world, students are supported and facilitated through various capability enhancement and development schemes. The capability enhancement and development schemes are the stimulating factors in getting the students corporate-ready and become a responsible social citizen.

Guidance for Competitive Examinations

Competitive Examinations formulate the basis for various civil services. It is also a necessary foundation to enroll for various higher degree courses in universities. Institute serves the requirements of the students who plan to pursue higher studies or are keen on joining civil services. The cell extends support and guidance pertaining to competitive exams. Experts from different fields guide students and assist them with right directives during their journey to qualify the competitive exams and enter the civil services.

Career Counseling

Career Counseling Cell strives hard to know the career orientation of the students and channelize them with necessary guidance needed for their placement. C0-0rdinator of the Career Counseling Cell is accessible to students to discuss and advise regarding their career related queries. Dedicated Placement Cell guides and trains students in choosing their career.

Soft Skills Development

Institute strives towards continual enhancement of soft skills and personality development of the students. It involves grooming the students on various aspects such as communication skill. presentation skills, motivation, confidence building and creative thinking etc. Eminent speakers from industries and academic field are invited to deliver sessions on various topics pertaining to the soft skills development of the students. Students are encouraged to participate in various activities covering group discussion, personal interview, presentations etc. organized at the institute level. This contributes to the holistic development of students and sharpens their skills that further help them in their placement

Remedial Coaching

The purpose of Remedial Classes is to support the students who lag behind in their basics and advancement of the subject. Many students have an issue with major subjects like English, Mathematics, and Science even at an undergraduate level. Remedial Coaching is identifying slow learners and giving them the necessary guidance to help them overcome their problems, after identifying their areas of difficulty. UGC shows special concern for such students and provides grant for the upliftment of such students.

Language Lab

The importance of English language cannot be denied in the fast growing world. The world has become a smaller place and the English language, a common medium to bring all together. It is now obligatory to have a good command over English language to become successful in all walks of life. Clarity and accuracy is essential to boost the confidence of the learner. Along with the good teachers, a good Language Laboratory helps the students to improve themselves as a language student.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation is considered as a healthy way of life, a sound activity for stress free living. Institute promotes health benefits among the faculty members and students through Yoga and Meditation. This wellness platform hugely contributes in creating stress free positive environment and healthy way of thinking and living. Yoga and Meditation programs are conducted in the institute. Institute celebrates International Yoga day. Techniques of meditation and various postures (Asanas) are performed to lead a healthy and stress free life.

Personal Counseling

Students often encounter problems and difficulties which needs a timely resolution. Through the Mentor Mentee Program, each student (mentee) gets an opportunity to interact with a faculty member (mentor) for their personal counseling. This serves as a platform to the students to discuss their problems (academic, career and personal) and seek appropriate solution. Hitguj, a Personal Counseling Cell, run by Marathi Department has also done remarkably well in solving the problems of the students.

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