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Department of Physics

Research Projects Undertaken

File No Name of Principal Investigator Amount Sanctioned (Rs.) Date of Sanctioned & Duration Title of Project Remark
File No. 47-1266/09 (WRO) Dr. V. S. Kalyamwar 1,65,000 21 Nov 2009 & 2 Years Synthesis and gas sensing characters of ZnO nanoparticles with porous morphology Submitted
File No. 47-1064/14 (WRO) Mr. N. L. Jadhao 2,50,000 08 Jan 2016 & 2 Years Synthesis and Gas Sensing Characters of Pure and Doped Zinc Oxide Based Thick Film Registers Ongoing
File No. 47-1065/14(WRO) Dr. V. S. Kalyamwar 2,40,000 28 Jan 2016 & 2 Years Gas Sensing Properties of Pure & Surface Activated nanostructure Zinc Oxide based Thick Films Ongoing

Paper Published & Presented:

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Member Number of papers Presented in Conferences Number of Paper Published in Journals Number of Conferences/Seminars/Workshops Attained
1 Mr. N. L. Jadhao 3 2 12
2 Dr. V. S. Kalyamwar 11 14 21

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